• Anne-Marie Buffels
    Manager Cultural Heritage, Nationale Loterij / National Lottery Belgium
    Master in History of Art University Brussels

    Anne-Marie has been the cultural heritage manager of the NL since the foundation of the department in 1992. She answers the general management and the acquisition of new objects. She has been the curator of different exhibitions and the editor of several scientific publications around the theme games of chance.

    TMS, Multilingualism, and the Web at Belgian Lottery
  • Jeroen Buntinx
    Cultural Heritage Specialist
    National Lottery Belgium
    Master in History, University Ghent
    Master in Archival Sciences, University Brussels

    Jeroen works since 2006 as cultural heritage specialist for the NL. Before he worked for the National Archives and the Museum of Contemporary Art Ghent. He answers the management of TMS, registration of objects, development CR-reports and coordination of the development of the website and other digitalization projects.

    TMS, Multilingualism, and the Web at Belgian Lottery
  • Hilde Bøe
    Digital Collection Manager, The Munch Museum
    Oslo Area, Norway
    Twitter: @HildeBoee

    Hilde Bøe is Digital Collection Manager at the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway. Her tasks are administering TMS, planning and building eMuseum and publishing Edvard Munch's writings on http://www.emunch.no/. Bøe has a Master in Nordic Literatures and Languages and has worked in digital humanities related jobs since her graduation.

    Visioning an Online Edvard Munch Collection
  • Carole Campbell
    Registrar for Collections Management
    J. Paul Getty Museum

    Carole Campbell is the Registrar for Collections Management at the J. Paul Getty Museum. Over the last 15 years she has used TMS to manage data and activities related to collections management in the areas of accessioning, deaccessioning, location tracking, audits, loan processing, art shipping, and rights & reproductions. She also manages data imports and designs customized reports to meet the needs of both the Registrar's office and exhibition planning staff.

    Co-Ownership at LACMA and Getty: Playing Nice with Others
  • Jennie Choi
    General Manager of Collection Information
    The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Jennie Choi is General Manager of Collection Information in the Digital Media department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She oversees the museum's collections management system, digital asset management system, and collection rights and permissions. Jennie has worked at the Museum since 1995 and has managed the collection database since it was first implemented at the Met. She led the museum's documentation standards committee, has overseen numerous data conversions and upgrades, introduced many improved workflows in administrative functions, and was instrumental in getting records on the online collection database.

    Order Out of Chaos: The TMS Consolidation Project at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Elspeth Cowell
    Head, Collection and Program Services
    Canadian Centre for Architecture

    Elspeth Cowell has been actively involved in the development and implementation of collection systems at the Canadian Centre for Architecture since 2003. She has a background in architectural history and arts administration, and holds Masters of Environmental Design from Yale University.

    The Challenges of Being Digital
  • Sascha Curzon
    Project/Technical Manager
    Gallery Systems
    *Workshop: SQL for TMS: Listview and Alerts
  • Sarah Gillis
    Assistant Registrar, Image Management
    Worcester Art Museum

    Sarah earned a BA in art history from the University of Southern Maine in 2010 and an MS in library and information science from Simmons College in 2012. Sarah has worked in the photographic archives at the Maine Historical Society and in the visual archive of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She started at the Worcester Art Museum in registration in 2012.

    FRBR and TMS: A Cataloguing Method for Photographic Archives
  • Ashley Hall
    Museum Content and Technology Administrator
    New-York Historical Society Museum & Library

    Prior to coming to the New-York Historical Society, Ashley worked as the Special Project Assistant in the Registrar's Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she assisted in transitioning the registrars out of two proprietary database systems into TMS for tracking Special Exhibitions and Outgoing Loans. Before that she worked as a Quality Assurance Associate at Gallery Systems, working primarily with TMS 2012. She also interned at the Museum of Modern Art where she assisted in developing cataloging standards for the components of variable media artwork for the Media and Performance Art Department as part of her Master's thesis. Ashley has a Master's degree in Museum Studies from Seton Hall University and a Bachelor's degree in History and Art History from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

    Exhibitions & Loans: An Open Discussion
  • Oliver Hanraths
    Gallery Systems (Germany)
  • Jost Hansen
    Project Manager
    Gallery Systems
  • Alex Hoffman
    Product Manager, eMuseum
    Gallery Systems
    *Workshop: Designer Data Views: Create Your Own Custom TMS Data Views
    Online Scholarly Cataloging Intiative II: Seattle Art Museum
  • Jay Hoffman
    President and CEO
    Gallery Systems
    Welcome Address
    GS Update/Product Roadmap
    Implementing Linked Data in TMS
    Ask Gallery Systems
  • Tina Koehler
    Project Manager, d:Kult
    Culture Department of Duesseldorf

    Tina Koehler has a degree in museology and is member of the d:kult team since 2009. She is responsible for the user support of several museums in the d:kult project, among them the Aquazoo - Loebbecke Museum Duesseldorf.

    Bugs and Butterflies in TMS - Integration of the Scientific Collection of Aquazoo / Loebbecke Museum Duesseldorf in d:kult
  • Johanna Lassenius
    Danish Art Foundation

    Johanna is administrating purchases and loans of artworks for the Danish Art Foundation. Along with this she has the editorial responsibility for the communication of visual arts.

    Exploring Public Art in Denmark with eMuseum
  • Matthew Lawson
    Digital Imaging Projects Coordinator
    The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

    Matt Lawson has a BFA in Photography from Louisiana Tech University. He came to the MFAH as Digital Imaging Specialist. In 2009, he coordinated the implementation of Extensis Portfolio and now facilitates most object-related image projects from the museum. He is also spearheading the effort of standardize object/image metadata between TMS and Portfolio for the system integration.

    Integrating TMS and DAMS at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: Year One
  • Werner Mahlknecht
    Project Manager
    Gallery Systems
    *Workshop: Crystal Reports 101: Report Design Fundamentals
    *Workshop: Advanced Crystal Reports for TMS
  • Steven Moore
    Database Administrator
    The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

    Steve Moore is a Database Administrator at The Museum of Modern Art in New York. He is a Microsoft certified DBA and System Administrator. His passions are web programming (C#) and web services, including an on-going project to develop a TMS API.

    Steve has an MBA from the University of Southern Maine. He works remotely from his home in France.

    Integrating TMS with DAMS, SalesForce, and Web Services at Museum of Modern Art
  • Laura Morison
    TMS Database Administrator
    Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

    Laura Morison started as Project Assistant in 2009 and has been the TMS Database Administrator at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen since 2010. She has assisted in different digitisation projects such as the Collection Online, DCA (Digitising Contemporary Art for Europeana) and ALMA. Laura has a MA degree in art history from the University of Leiden.

    How to re-evaluate a large part of your collection in TMS
  • Jeri Moxley
    Client Services Specialist
    Gallery Systems
    *Workshop: Exhibition Planning and Management in TMS
    *Workshop: TMS 2012 Security
    *Workshop: TMS 2012 Packages Explorer
    Exploring the TMS Shipping Module
    Exhibition & Loans: An Open Discussion
  • Morten Nybo
    Project Manager
    Danish Agency for Culture

    Morten Nybo is a digital project manager at the Danish Agency for Culture, and has been responsible for the vores.kunst.dk website. His main line of work is digital communication projects such as apps, web and social media efforts for the Danish Arts Foundation and the Danish Agency for Culture.

    Exploring Public Art in Denmark with eMuseum
  • Implementing Linked Data in TMS
  • Robyn Sanford
    Head of Collection Information
    Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

    Robyn Sanford is Head of Collection Information at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In the last ten years she has worked various capacities of the museum in the areas of curatorial, collections management, and the Registrar's Office. Her department is responsible for all aspects of management of TMS and digital assets including determining data standards, training and monitoring staff use of the systems, implementation and processes that utilize the database or reporting systems and all related utilities. She consults on processes and projects with all departments in fostering information sharing about the Museum's collection both internally and externally.

    Co-Ownership at LACMA and Getty: Playing Nice with Others
  • Gisela Schulte-Dornberg
    Project Manager, D:kult
    Culture Department of Duesseldorf

    Gisela Schulte-Dornberg has been project manager and head of d:kult since its start in 2003. She is engaged in the Special Interest Group Dokumentation of the German Museums association and is member of the Working Group Data Exchange. D:kult is part of the Competence center German Digital Library.

    Bugs and Butterflies in TMS - Integration of the Scientific Collection of Aquazoo / Loebbecke Museum Duesseldorf in d:kult
  • Jeffrey Smith
    Assistant Registrar for Collections Information
    Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

    Jeffrey Smith is the Assistant Registrar for Collections Information at the Freer | Sackler, and a veteran TMS user. He has experience with a number of online projects utilizing TMS capabilities, and is currently working on a significant redesign of the Freer | Sackler collections website.

    Online Scholarly Cataloging Initiative I: The Freer-Sackler Museum
  • Marty Stein
    Photographic and Imaging Services Manager
    The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

    Marty Stein holds degrees in Art History from the University of Texas at Austin and Rice University and has been the Manager of the Photographic and Imaging Services Department for 20 years. The department, which began as a slide library in 1983, now is responsible for all art object photography at the MFAH.

    Integrating TMS and DAMS at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: Year One
  • Julie Thies
    TMS Administrator
    The Menil Collection

    Julie Thies is the TMS Administrator at The Menil Collection in Houston, TX. The Menil Collection just went through their conversion of 14 FileMaker Pro databases into TMS. Previously she managed TMS at The Speed Art Museum in Louisville, KY and also took the Arizona State University Art Museum through their conversion to TMS.

    Reworking Advanced Queries in TMS
  • Dave Thompson
    TMS Administrator
    The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

    Dave Thompson, with a BFA in Painting and an MBA from the University of Houston, has worked at the MFAH for 10 years in project manager and systems analyst roles for several major systems projects, including the museum's digital asset management efforts since 2006. As the TMS Administrator, he is currently focused on the evaluation and standardization of TMS object record maintenance and reporting, the integration of the museum's DAMS with TMS, and the publication of object data and images on a new MFAH website currently under construction.

    Integrating TMS and DAMS at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: Year One
  • Jonathan Thristan
    Project Manager
    Gallery Systems
    Conference Workshop: Practicum in Project Management Methodologies for Large Scale Collection Management Projects
    Conference Workshop: Case Study in Acquisition Workflow and Process
  • Merrianne Timko
    Data Standards Manager
    The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

    Merrianne Timko's background in ancient art and experience with databases supporting corporate mergers and complex litigation have contributed to her interest in developing data standards to promote the standardized cataloguing of works in TMS. She is currently coordinating data clean-up of 65,000+ objects for the future MFAH on-line collections module.

    *Workshop: Developing and Implementing a Data Standards Program
  • Danielle Uchitelle
    Managing Director
    Gallery Systems
    Welcome Address
    TMS 2014 New Features
    Ask Gallery Systems
  • Nynke van der Wal
    Head of Documentation, Information and Registration
    Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

    Nynke van der Wal: has been working as Head of the Documentation Centre since 2010. As a project leader she was responsible for projects such as DCA (Digitising Contemporary Art for Europeana), ALMA and Rembrandt Database Project. Nynke has a MA degree in art history.

    How to re-evaluate a large part of your collection in TMS
  • Karen Waldemar
    Project Specialist
    Gallery Systems
    *Workshop: Configuring TMS
* Pre-conference Workshops require registration. See Workshops for more information.